Perry Court Farm
Canterbury Road
Ashford, Kent TN25 4ES
Tel: 01233 812302

Welcome to Perry Court Farm

Perry Court Farm are the UK’s original, and best, dried fruit crisp and fruit leather makers. These are natural and healthy snacks made from fresh fruit grown, picked and prepared by hand at Perry Court Farm, in Kent.

We make use of almost 200 varieties of apples, pears, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and turn them into crunchy crisps and chewy fruit bars, with literally no food miles, no waste but some pretty amazing taste!

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Tangy Apple Crisps 20g (24 per carton)


Super sour apple crisps made from Bramley Seedling or Grenedier variety slowly air dried to give them an extra kick.

SKU: 5060213780033

Pear Crisps 20g (24 per carton)


Hand picked and hand prepared using Doyenne di Comice, Beure Hardi and Concorde at different times of the season, with a sweet caramel taste and a chewier texture than their apple counterparts.

SKU: 5060213780057

Sweet Apple Crisps 20g (24 per carton)


The original apple crisp, made using up to 10 heritage varieties throughout the season, sweet, refreshing and crunchy.

SKU: 5060123780040

Mixed Box of Fruit Crisps (24 per carton)


A mixed box with 8 packets of each crisps for those who simply can’t choose a favourite.

SKU: 123456789

Apple and Strawberry Fruit Bar (12 per pack)


*** NEW SOFTER BITE, SAME HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS!!!! *** A perfect blend of homegrown apple and strawberries, tastes like strawberry jam but with only the naturally occurring sugars in the fruits. Nothing else.

SKU: 5060213780217

Apple and Raspberry Fruit Bar (12 per pack)


*** NEW SOFTER BITE, SAME HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS!!!! *** A combination of homegrown apple and raspberries, with all the goodness of fresh fruit ready to enjoy all year round, wherever you are.

SKU: 5060213780224

Apple and Blueberry Fruit Bar (12 per pack)


*** NEW SOFTER BITE, SAME HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS!!!! *** A brilliant blend of apple and blueberry, you can almost feel the warm summer sunshine that has ripened these beautiful berries.

SKU: 5060213780231

Apple and Pear Fruit Bar (12 per pack)


*** NEW SOFTER BITE, SAME HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS!!!! *** A mix of our heritage apples and pears, tastes as good as the pear orchards look in blossom.

SKU: 5060213780200

Fruit Bars Mixed 48 Bars 720g (48 per pack)


*** NEW SOFTER BITE, SAME HOME GROWN INGREDIENTS!!!! *** A chance to try four different varieties of our natural fruit bars including Apple and Strawberry, Apple and Raspberry, Apple and Blueberry and Pear.

SKU: 5060213780248

The Farm

Perry Court Farm is a family owned and run farm business based in the North Downs of Kent. Activities include the growing of almost all types of popular fruits and vegetables (and some rarer ones too), and arable crops. There is also a large farm shop, garden centre and successful tearoom, and, of course, the fruit drying business.

Fruit and vegetable growing accounts for about 300 acres of the farm, it is grown in a sustainable way, not organically, but with virtually no pesticides and few inorganic fertilizers. The farm is able to do this by growing a huge array of crops in small areas and applying traditional crop rotation strategies to produce high quality products in a way that is much more beneficial for the local environment and wildlife than commercial monoculture farms. The results are visible, the RSPB regularly carries out surveys on the farm and finds huge differences in the numbers of wild birds on our farm to others. We grow countless varieties of apple and pear, most of them traditional heritage varieties that are not often seen on the supermarket shelf.